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Erie’s Leading Wellness Chiropractor

Dr. Steven D. Krauza

Erie Chiropractor at Krauza Family Chiropractic, Dr. Steven Krauza

Dr. Steven Krauza, DC

My name is Dr. Steven D. Krauza and I am a chiropractor. I am passionate about health promotion. Chiropractic is simple and it is straight forward! If your brain and your body cannot communicate with one another completely and effectively, then your health will suffer. It is THAT simple! As a chiropractor, I help your brain and body improve their communication skills! Chiropractic is not a subspecialty of medicine. It is a separate and distinct healing art that honors the body’s ability to heal and self-regulate. Through a chiropractic lifestyle, you can achieve tremendous levels of health and well-being.

I am a lifelong resident of Erie. I graduated from McDowell High School in 1996. My undergraduate studies were at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I graduated Cum Laude. I attended the Fountainhead of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic from 2000 to 2003.

Let’s face it, the health care climate is changing and changing fast. Insurance premiums are bankrupting businesses and our government. Your deductibles and copays continue to increase while it seems like you are getting less coverage. The current business of health care is no longer working for people like you and me.

Something has to change!

It is my personal conquest to create meaningful health care reform in the Erie community. Living healthy shouldn’t be complicated or expensive!. You will find at Krauza Family Chiropractic we are all about getting back to the basics. You will learn how to live again which in turn will allow you to create healthy changes for yourself and your family. The quality of the doctor/patient relationship is the cornerstone to your experience at Krauza Family Chiropractic. I promise to listen to your specific needs and care for you the person, not just your symptoms.

You have my personal promise that myself and the staff at Krauza Family Chiropractic will be here to help you become a healthier you, not a new you. We will always go at your pace and always honor your free will.

We look forward to meeting you!

Meet the Wellness Experts at Krauza Family Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center

Erie Receptionist at Krauza Family Chiropractic, Rebecca

Rebecca Wise

Rebecca Wise – Receptionist

Becky moved to Erie in 2011 from Ripley, NY. She graduated cum laude from Elmira College in 2000, discovering her passion for theatre and vocal performance during her time there. Becky loves singing praises to the Lord on the worship team at church, seeing as many stage shows as possible, and participating in community outreach events in and out of Erie. Her secret: She is a bit of a Disney Freak! So, next time you are in the office, look for her smiling face to welcome you.

Leslie Cooksey – Massage Therapist

Team Adrenaline Motivator, Instructor at The Cooksey Cooking School

Erie Massage Therapist at Krauza Family Chiropractic, Leslie

Leslie Cooksey, LMT

Leslie is an organically grown member of the Krauza Family Chiropractic Team.  She originally started as a participant of our outdoor fitness group Team Adrenaline in 2012.   Leslie’s hard work, leadership skills, and ability to connect with members of Team Adrenaline made her a natural fit to become a homegrown Team Motivator.

Team Adrenaline Motivator in 2013

Leslie became a Team Adrenaline Motivator in 2013.  Her role with the practice has continued to expand since then.  Leslie’s background is in the culinary arts, so she quickly merged her culinary skills with her passion for fitness and healthy eating.  Cooksey’s Cooking School debuted during Challenge Erie.

Cooksey’s Cooking School

Cooksey’s Cooking School is a hand’s on class in which participants learn how to prepare and cook inexpensive healthy meals for the entire family.  Stay tuned for when the next class is offered!

Leslie is an avid runner having participated in Tough Mudder, Beast on the Bay, half marathons, and the Wine Glass Marathon in 2014.  Having dealt with injuries from training for these events, Leslie benefited from chiropractic care and massage therapy.  Chiropractic care and massage therapy allowed her to recover quicker from long runs and from any related training injuries.  This inspired Leslie to take a leap of faith to switch careers and become a licensed massage therapist.

Massage Therapist

In her ever evolving and growing role at Krauza Family Chiropractic, Leslie now becomes the staff massage therapist.  She graduated from Fortis Institute and started performing massages within the practice in July 2015.   Leslie’s personal and professional experiences provide her with great intuition into providing practice members the best comprehensive care available.  Book an appointment with her today!

The team at Krauza Family Chiropractic is ready to serve you!

The team at Krauza Family Chiropractic is ready to serve you!

We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Give us a call or send us an email today.

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