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High Tech Assessment

subluxationThe Insight Discovery objectively evaluates patterns of spinal and nerve function. It’s safe. Objective. And a non-invasive technology.

Think of it as a stethoscope for your nervous system.

Your care in our office is designed to improve your NSFi score, which in turn, will lead to a healthier, happier life. Over time, these tests are repeated to record your progress and suggest any needed changes to your care program.

Surface Electromyography (SEMG) Scan

This measures the electrical activity of the muscles that support your spine. A set of “normal” readings has been established for healthy people. This pattern of symmetrical white indicators shows a correctly working nervous system. This is our goal for you. What’s your goal?

Thermal Scan

This scan reveals minute deviations in skin temperature. These findings can indicate impairment to the autonomic nervous system control and regulation of your heart, lungs, stomach and other organs of your body.


This is a way of mapping the location and intensity of any areas that you’re experiencing pain. Our technology arrives at a specific number based on your sensitivity to pressure.

Range of Motion

How well can you turn and bend? We measure how well you can put your spine through the expected range of movement. Restrictions reveal areas of impaired spinal biomechanics and potential nervous system interference.

Pulse Wave Profiler

Our technology will measure your heart rate variability, literally the time between each beat of your heart. Your ability to adapt to your environment is revealed by this test and can indicate aging or impaired health.

Your NSFi

We’ll conduct these five high-tech tests to measure your current health status. By combining the findings of these tests we can arrive at a single number that represents your neurospinal health – your Neurospinal Functional Index (NSFi). The NSFi scale runs from 0-100. Soon, this number will be become as recognizable as a cholesterol count or blood pressure readings.

Are you a good candidate for chiropractic care? Find out!

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